Title Insurance is your best protection against potential title defects which can remain hidden despite the most thorough search of public records. A home is the largest purchase most of us make in our lifetime and a title insurance policy insures that the property is marketable. An owner's title policy describes your property in detail and states what limitations, if any, there are to your ownership. It also guarantees that the property you are purchasing is free of any undisclosed liens, confusion in the rights of ownership and other defects on the property. The owner's title insurance premium is calculated on the sales price and it is a one-time fee for the life of the property as long as you own the property. We can provide title insurance for the entire State of Oklahoma.

Title Fees

Title Examination
(includes title examination and
issuance of commitment for title insurance)
Buyers Title Opinion Fee determined by Buyer's attorney

Final Certification For Title Insurance

Final Title Report $225.00

Title Insurance Basic Premium

Please contact any one of our three offices for a quote.

Simultaneous Issue Rate Add $100.00

Endorsements to Title Insurance Policy

Endorsement for Commercial Transaction $100.00 Each
Zoning Endorsement $200.00 Each
All Other Endorsements $75.00 Each

1031 Exchanges

Basic 1031 Exchange by GRX, LLC Starting at $425 per closing

Miscellaneous Charges

Written Title Search (Not for title insurance) $225.00
Preliminary (verbal) Search $100.00
Pre-Closing Gap $100.00
Buyers Certificate $75.00
Courier Fees  
  Ground $35.00
  Overnight $75.00
Abstract Retrieval Fee $25.00
Abstract Research Fee $75.00 / Hour
Wire Fee $25.00 / Hour
Document Preparation Starting at $150
Statutory Copy Fee $25.00